STARMITES - a youthful, high-energy adventure fantasy where humans and heoroes conquor the sinister inhabitants of Innerspace and discover love, loyalty, inner strength and a great doo-wop beat along the way.

With the timeless appeal of THE WIZARD OF OZ and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, yet unique, STARMITES is exciting, touching, and great fun for the entire family. The powerhouse score escalates from love ballads to rock and roll to soaring production numbers. It's like nothing you've ever presented: a bolt of theatrical lightning that will jolt your audiences to their feet. STARMITES - an All American musical - is the show for everyone!

Theater groups of every type are discovering that STARMITES is the ideal show to fit the diverse needs and tastes of their talent pool and audiences. The rollicking score, fast-moving book and delightful, diverse cast of characters capture the imagination of audiences young and old alike.