New York Newsday

This unassuming futuristic rock musical, with sweet lessons about the awkwardness of growing up, has found a fitting home.

It’s really a show for families and teenagers (which, as many parents know, is a state that begins these days at about age 8.) It contains enough spoofs of the sci-fi genre to keep adults amused, and enough high-spirited music and action for all. The convoluted plot—about an Earth girl who gets involved in an intergalactic adventure from a comic book series—may escape very young children. It can easily escape adults, but that’s part of the joke.

The production at the Victory Theater brims with charm and wit. Director Len Borovay, the theatre’s artistic director,has cast the teenage parts with real teenagers, a few of them veterans of his previous production of “Starmites” at Sachem South High School, where he teaches. At times, this production looks like an accomplished high school show. But more often—and particularly when Michael Tester’s boisterous choreography consumes the stage—it’s happily suited to the material. In fact, I liked it better, over-all, than the Broadway production.

Dan Patorno leads a lively band just off-stage, and the set, in tune with the theatre’s deconstructionist decor, is a colorful pastiche of sci-fi cartoons over wire-mesh frames. Though modest, this first offering is an auspicious beginning for a new enterprise.